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Islam religion

Prophet Muhammad is regarded by followers of Islam as the perfect and last of God’s messengers. The followers, known as Muslims, refer to their God as Allah. The religion, which is strictly monotheistic, calls for its adherents to voluntarily surrender to Allah’s will. The faithful display submission to Allah by disallowing polytheism, obeying His commands and living by the words of the holy book known as the Quran (Brown 185). This paper will discuss my life in the religion and how I share my ideas and leave with the world. I was born in a family that has always been part of the religion. I have always been encouraged by my family’s commitment in the way it attended the five prescribed daily prayers. I am glad I followed suit in the teachings of Islam and took up the challenge of to reading the Quran. As a Muslim, the faith has taught me that human beings exist for the core purpose of serving and loving God. The faith has also taught me that Allah is the only God and comparable to none (Quran 112:1-4). ...
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Islam is among the major religions of the world and was founded in the seventh century in the Arabian Peninsula by Prophet Muhammad (Levinson 3). The religion’s spread started when he was 40 years of age and began preaching the revelations God had shown him. …
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