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Religion and Theology
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Experiencing the Worlds Religions: Chapter 3 Hindusim did not have any varieties, it was practised in one form. However, over four thousand years ago, varieties of this religion began to appear. It is not yet clear if there was any influence by the invasions or migrations of the aggressive tribes of Aryan.


Atman on the other hand is the innermost spirit within human beings- it is ultimately identical to the Brahman. Other important aspects of Hinduism are karma and rebirth. It is believed that one’s moral consequences will be experienced either in this life or the next. The Gita states that one should first of all strive to meet his or her social obligations. After this, the Gita recommends four paths, that consider one's caste and personality type. Some of this paths may either be practiced individually or as a combination. They include: the paths of action, meditation, knowledge, and devotion. Last but not least, another characteristic of Hinduism includes the vital role of the guru. It is almost equivalent of a saint and acts as both as a spiritual teacher and counselor. Anthology of Word Scriptures: Chapter 2- Divine Law, Truth, And Cosmic Principle All religions regardless of their origin and beliefs, recognize a transcendent Law, Truth, or Principle. These three are believed to govern the universe and the human affairs. In traditions such as Christianity, theistic Hinduism, and Islam, God conceives the Law and makes it the measure for his creation. ...
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