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Experiencing the Worlds Religions

All religions regardless of their origin and beliefs, recognize a transcendent Law, Truth, or Principle. These three are believed to govern the universe and the human affairs. In traditions such as Christianity, theistic Hinduism, and Islam, God conceives the Law and makes it the measure for his creation. These traditions have long been the premise on which a particular question has been posed many times to theologians- is God bound by the laws he makes, or does He have the discretion to contravene them? In other traditions, the law is viewed as a property of samsaric existence which must be transcended. This is in reference to mostly the Hindu and the law of karma and its Buddhist doctrines. Similarly, in Christianity, Paul at one point criticises the law claiming it to be a form of slavery. From the above writings, it is clear that different religions recognize a transcendent law or truth. Regardless of all these differences between religions, they share a certain respect for the Law which human beings ought not to violate and they do so at their own peril. The universe is fundamentally moral. In this chapter, we focus on the specific manifestations of evil. There are various ways through which evil deeds can be classified: sins of the mind, mouth, and the body. However, the majority of evil deeds can be classified into four major sins: murder, stealing, sexual immorality and lastly, lying. Most if not all religions are almost unanimous in their condemnation of the aforementioned sins. ...
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The present essay entitled "Experiencing the Worlds Religions" is focused on the description of world religions. For instance, Hinduism did not have any varieties, it was practised in one form, however, over four thousand years ago, varieties of this religion began to appear…
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