REL133 wk 5 contemporary issues facing the assigned Eastern religious tradition

REL133 wk 5 contemporary issues facing the assigned Eastern religious tradition Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Contemporary Issues Facing the Hinduism Religious Tradition Student’s Name Institution Name Discuss the common characteristics the Hinduism religion shares with the other religions The answer to what actually constitutes religion is not well known and different people have different answers to what constitutes religion.


This means that these movements have something in common with what societies understand as constituting religion. There is what can be considered as mainstream religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, atheism and so on. The fact that there are some movements that are implicitly regarded as religions in their very nature and characteristics is an indication that all religions share a common characteristic or a number of characteristics which can be sorted out. One such religion that shares many characteristics with other religions is Hinduism and, in this paper, the common characteristics that Hindu religion shares with other religions will be outlined and discussed. Like many other religion’s mythologies, Hindu mythology is rich, multifarious and inclusive. In this case, like many other religions, Hindu mythology is a portrayal of terrible in benevolence, triviality alongside the cosmic and sublimity in grotesque (Vaz, 2001). Many religions are based on these pillars and are not an ordinary ideation but an ideation of powers that are beyond human understanding. Apart from Christianity and Islam, most religions draw or associate the powers with some form and in many cases, the forms are numerous and hierarchical (Vaz, 2001). ...
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