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Religion and Theology
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Sociology is by definition, the study of the relation of society in relation to the history of society. However, the sociology of religion does not base itself upon the results of quantitative methods of qualitative approaches to information gathering.


It is important to note however, that the sociology of religion should not be confused with the philosophy of religion as the latter does not look into the claims of religious beliefs. Since not all religions are the same, one will always find religion in some way, shape, or form even in the most primitive of human societies. It is become of these various forms of religion that sociologists have recognized the need to study its relation to the development of our society in general (Crossman, Ashley, “Sociology of Religion”). Therefore when one speaks of the study of the sociology of religion, he means the study of the religion as a belief and social institution.
The study of religion in relation to our society is quite important because religion is not merely an individualized belief system, it is one of the oldest standing social institutions around. It is a method that helps shapes the society that we live in by offering a specific social pattern for those with the same beliefs to follow. The reason that these people follow specific teachings and learning from the religion is because religion seeks to answer some questions that man has about his existence and his role in society. It is this gray area of religion that has sociologists asking questions about it.
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