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The after life

The following paper uses scholarly articles, e-books, and authentic articles available online, to explain the concept of life after death in the religion of Islam. It will also enlighten the reader about the factors that if performed in the world can lead to happier times in the life hereafter. Many people are scared to die perhaps because they are not aware of the fact that what will happen next. However, Islam is one religion that explains thoroughly as to what awaits an individual in life hereafter. It also lays down the principles that are of benefit in this life as well as the hereafter. Therefore, it is these principles or in the nonprofessional terms the deeds that will describe the quality of life beyond this tangible world. Nevertheless, before unfurling the concept of life after death it is important be familiar with the concept of Islam and its teachings in general. Islam: As a Religion Islam is a religion based on the oneness of God named Allah and in the believe that Muhammad is his last prophet. Muhammad was born in the Arab world which was back then lead an ignorant life. Rights were denied to females, female child was buried alive and there was law that could protect people. ...
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Life after Death: A Concept of Islam Introduction Life after death is a concept that is refuted by many mainly because of the fact that there is a non-availability of scientific explanation. Most of times the question of life after death is speculated with questions that leaves with a question mark…
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