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Certain varieties of Judaism consider the idea that all Jewish teachings must strictly be adhered to (Wylen, 2000). Although, there are other forms of Judaism that believe teachings that encourage on how to usher a morality in human lives are obligatory, much less, essential; others can be considered as discretionary or optional. For the reason that Judaism is an assorted religion with an extensive range of beliefs and practices, it must not be presupposed that a Jew has certain types of beliefs or follows precise forms of religious practice (Eisenberg, 2004). Various types of Judaism are linked by an intense impression of "peoplehood" (ICS, 2013), a shared inheritance, tradition or custom, and collective values and standards. Judaism gives Jews with guidance on how to carry out their religion and inspire good values (ICS, 2013). These instructions descend from numerous bases that include Jewish sacred texts such as the Bible and the Talmud (ICS, 2013). Other Jewish texts such as the subsequent literary works written by rabbis and philosophers are also being used. Judaism is one of the most important religions that are still being practiced today. Thus, it sensibly important to dig in deeper to its historical derivations, and the significant figures, observance, teachings, and events that can be relatively associated with it. ...Show more


Judaism is one of the oldest religions that are still being practiced until today (Wylen, 2000). It began in the beliefs and practices of the people of the ancient Israel. These days, it is being practiced by the Jewish people in nearly all parts of the world…
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