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Religion and Theology
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BUDDHISM Name Tutor Course College Date Buddhism is a religion that is traced to the indigenous Indians of the Indian part of the Asian continent. They have a variety of beliefs and traditions that describe their culture traced back to their founder Buddha.


Most of the Buddhists describe Buddha as a true teacher who awakened them from their ignorance. By this, Buddha ensured that they attained the highest form of happiness that humans can ever achieve. After all these years, Buddhists still believe and practice their culture. I interviewed Ashoka, a strong Buddhist, on some aspects of their religion and I was surprised at some of their practices. Beliefs One of the strongest beliefs of Buddhists is that there is no supernatural being, unlike other religions such as Christianity and Islam. Their god was human and so they believe that all people are equal and should respect each other. Buddhists also believe that whatever they hear or read has to be tested. This is unlike most religions that discourage testing of anything that has been said by their gods. Buddhists, however, believe that if something is written in their holy books, then they have the right to test it to be assured that it is true. This, therefore, creates a faith that is transparent and where followers are not subjected to impossible temptations that they cannot overcome and question. Buddhists have the right to question their holy books as well as their god if they have evidence to do so (Patrick, 1982). Buddhists also have many gods. Unlike most religions which followers only believe in one god, Buddhists have a varying number of gods. Some have as many as thousands of gods while others have no god at all. ...
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