Religion, Feminism, and Environmentalism

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Religion and Theology
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These three religions visualize feminism and nature as scared entities. There are various theories about the connection of mother earth with feminism which were studied and analyzed by various theologians.


These theories give you a vision of seeing the nature as well as the feminine as sacred creations of God (Dwivedi 305-323)1. These three faiths have different perceptions regarding feminism. Buddhism holds two concepts for feminism. In the first concept it, says that it’s better for women to take another life to be born as a man because their bodies as women are not considered as sacred as those of men. Whereas, the other concept says that genders do not matter, it is spirituality that is considered important in Buddhism. Hinduism, on the other hand, deals with ecofeminism as a sacred concept. They say that the power of a goddess resides within women, and this gives them an authority over everything. Perhaps this is because there is a connection between nature and feminism that gives them the authority over nature. Christianity too treats women as sacred entities and believes in the fact that there are some similarities between nature and women. Women and nature both are considered to possess the quality of reproduction in all the religions. Ecological Feminism Ecological feminism can be defined as a concept which unites or merges the movement of nature with the movements of feminism. Eco feminists have tried to portray the importance of feminism to environmentalism (Cheney 179)2. The term ecofeminism was first used by a French writer, Francoise d’Eaubonne in 1984. ...
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