Religion, Feminism, and Environmentalism

Religion, Feminism, and Environmentalism Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Modern women have commonly contributed to these developments as their religious traditions and the evolution of the world directs them towards the ecological sustainability and their role in the development of the ecology.


The concept of ecological sustainability in the Hindu traditions goes back to the traditional beliefs of respecting and creating a special relationship with the environment around. Similarly, in Christian women the ecological sustainability revives the tradition that God gave this world to the creatures for their use and dominance over the earth and all its creations. Buddhism also promotes the idea of environmental ethics in the daily lives of the people to promote a non-violent ecology. Ecological feminism is a term that describes the parallel system of environmental exploitation and exploitation of women in the society. These theories suggest that the natural resources and women, both are exploited by the dominance of men. Men are dominant on nature and women because these are the powerless groups. The control over nature is seen as parallel to the control over women. The male dominance in the society is seen by the eco-feminists as the reason for the environmental crisis that we are facing. The male dominance agents include fights for power, political ties, the male oriented culture of decision making etc., and these are merely the reasons for the destruction of the environment. ...
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