Religion, Feminism, and Environmentalism

Religion, Feminism, and Environmentalism Research Paper example
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Religion and Theology
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One of the common principles that one can find in most religions is that mankind has a responsibility to take care of the Earth and to protect the resources that can be found within it.


Women who are both religious and in support of the efforts of the women’s movement have sought common ground in order to actively pursue ecological interests. In comparing Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths in context with women’s movements, it is clear they are actively interested in both principles of equality and ecology where common ground can be found which unites these belief systems. Ecological feminism is a theory that combines feminist ideals and motivations with a concern with preserving the world through ecological perspectives. Warren and Cheney write that “Ecological feminism is a feminism which attempts to unite the demands of the women's movement with those of the ecological movement in order to bring about a world and worldview that are not based on socioeconomic and conceptual structures of domination”. The marriage of the women’s movement and ecological interests is not new and can be seen in many cultures, including in Brazil where the women’s movement and the landless people movement were grew together in order to support the concept of living off of the land in a communal and freedom based environment that was contextually absent of consumerist interests. ...
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