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Islam Name: Institution: 1 .Importance of Sufism Sufism is also known as Islamic mysticism in the Muslim world. Sufism is a dimension of Islam. Sufis believe that Islamic knowledge should be learnt from teachers and not from books. There is a firm belief that knowledge has been passed from the prophet through teachers from generation to generation (BBC, 2009).


Therefore, Sufis are not an ethnic or religious group. Sufism is a mystical movement in the Islamic world. The group was formed to counterweigh the increasing worldliness in the Muslim empire. The group was important in fighting rigid legalism in the orthodox religious leadership. Sufism searches for the direct mystical knowledge of divine love and knowledge (Wilkinson & Salazar, 2002). The group seeks to progress beyond mere intellectual knowledge into mystical experiences (BBC, 2009). Sufism has an important role in the formation of Muslim societies through educating masses and channeling their emotions. They are also important in that they have converted new regions into Isla m. 2. The five pillar of Islam Shahadah The first pillar of Islam is the profession of faith. Muslims recite the creed as a way of bearing witness in the union of the faith. The creed is the profound statement that expresses a Muslim’s acceptance and absolute commitment to the Islamic faith. Salah Prayer is the second pillar of Islam. The faith insists that the individual must have direct relationship with God. Salah can be performed alone. However, it is considered meritorious to perform Salah with a group (Wilkinson & Salazar, 2002). It is also permissible to pray at home and work. ...
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