‘The offering of the pipe’

‘The offering of the pipe’ Essay example
Religion and Theology
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This was a vision by Elk on the origin, the purpose and the spiritual meaning of the pipe. In this vision the power of the spirit is manifested in different forms.


As a visionary, Elk has the responsibility of interpreting the themes in his visions. He acted as a medium or integrator between the supernatural world and the people. In his community, he was more of a religious leader than a visionary. The people believed that he had a connection to the spirit world and obeyed all he had to warn about (Neihardt chapter 1). The people were also excited if he came up with good news from the spiritual world. This is a show of how much people believed in spirits and supernatural consequences in case of any wrong doing. In his stories, Elk also bestows himself as a medium (Neihardt chapter 1). He explains the meaning of each and every factor or existing object or problem. For instance, he has the answers to the symbolic meaning of all the contents of the pipe, from the color used on the ribbons, to the position of each ribbon and significance of the pipe in the normal world (Neihardt chapter 1). The origin of the pipe has a great spiritual or religious depth in it. In this case, the medium between the people and the gods was a beautiful woman. The woman was bestowed with so much power and spirit that she could see beyond the skin of a person (Neihardt chapter 1). She could read minds and relate to the souls of the living. On her arrival to the community, she had an encounter with two young men who she could read their minds and foresees their intentions (Neihardt chapter 1). To prove this point, Elk points out that out of the two men, one was foolish and had bad intentions towards the woman.
The two men had encountered a beautiful woman in the forest on her own. This is an obvious assumption that one of the men would think of something bad. ...
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