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Essay example - Visit paper on religious sites that you visit.

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Religion and Theology
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Name: Instructor name: Subject: A visit to church In this theology and religion essay, I was supposed to give doctrinal, ritual, religious and emotional experiences after visiting three religious sites. When I visited the church service, there were about 40 people present…

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The cross did not have Jesus on it. The scriptures that were read came from the Bible. The people attending the service without the bible were assisted with one. The provision of the Holy bible made it easy to follow along the service. The bible had no symbols on it. The church had a lot of images that were noticeable during the service. The sitting arrangement and the position of the pulpit were different from the one on musicians’ corner. The priest sat at the center of the church in front of the Isle. Behind the priest were elderly men and women who occasionally consulting with other officials. The ushers are charged with the responsibility of welcoming visitors and directing them to the vacant seats. Each bench has a number of hymns which appeared to belong to the church. Ushers were busy mopping the seats and placing the bibles and hymn books before the service began. A groups of leaders converged in the vestry where the service was planned. The form of worship was engaging and entertaining. Different songs that worship God were sung. The pianist and other instrumentalists appeared to direct the congregation in playing the music. A group of young men were using displaying the events of the service through Laptop and projector. This meant that songs were displayed on a large screen in front of the congregation. As a result, the congregation was able to sing along (Woodward, 29). ...
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