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Name Professor Course Date Holistic Child Development with Special Needs Children In the course of upbringing a baby, parents need to acquire means and ways to respond to the crisis their children might find themselves in. Holistic child development understands the need for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development…


For a holistic intervention to be considered effective, the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs must be covered. An intervention that does not address the spiritual needs of the child falls short of the requirements of the intervention. In this aspect, Christians are assigned a major role in ministering to the children who finds themselves in such crisis. In as much as they are tasked with such duties, the other aspects of holistic child development have been availed by the world; the physical, emotional and mental needs. However the spiritual needs comes from the Almighty God, and all Christians can do is to direct people towards accepting God and believing in Him (Santrock, 96). Holistic child development is all about giving the child that first priority it deserves. It can be described as putting the child in the midst. Theologically, this is one of those situations that can be compared with what Jesus did in Mathew 18:2 where He took a child and placed him in the midst of the disciples educating them on who is the greater in the kingdom of God. The concept of holistic child development might be new. However, the principles behind it are definitely not, It is a reminder of what God requires of us as we focus on the blessing that comes out of a marriage; a child (Santrock, 99). ...
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