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Belonging to a different religion and studying the rituals of a marriage from a different religion culture would give an opportunity to observe them critically, and to do this, attending a Christian marriage was important.


Muslim and Hindu brides are dressed up in a heavy red embroidered ‘lehenga’, ‘Sari’ or Shalwar ‘Kameez’ while Christians dress up their brides in a light white ‘gown’. The Christian marriage ceremony normally takes place in church and at the house of bride, Hindus perform their marriage ceremonies at the bride’s house and so do Muslims. Despite so many differences the essence of marriage remains same in all religions and that essence is the essence of love and emotions that bride and groom hold for each other and the essence of starting a new life. Attending Christian marriages has always been of interest to me. Christian marriages and their rituals always seemed pleasing to me. The ‘dress’ of the bride, the ‘church’, the ‘vows’ and the ‘flowers’ always appealed me. I always knew that this ceremony holds a deep essence and the rituals performed during the ceremony were based on moral and religious principles. The curiosity to know what all the rituals in Christian marriages hold and what message does it give to the couple, their parents and guests made me interested to study their marriage, understand their rituals and critically comment on them. ...
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