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Humanities Ethics - Coursework Example

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Humanities Ethics

On his premises, he developed a peculiar understanding of the human nature with regard to the moral choices that the human made. 2. What human actions are considered moral? Three examples were given by Hume to illustrate the moral position on human action and these sentiments are the major drivers of moral application. These included incest, murder and ingratitude. He sought to emphasize the reason why incest is perceived to be wrong with humans, while the same action when replicated in animals is not wrong (White, 31). To illustrate his point, Hume argued that there are no ideas or fact that support why incest is wrong in humans but the same action in animals is perceived normal. Referring to incest, He noted that there is no difference between human beings and animal actions, but only that the human being can disprove this claim. He also used deliberate murder, whether it is right or wrong and whether there are ideas or facts that support the wrongness of an action. He said that murder is wrong and that is a fact, but people dismiss that fact and intentionally murder. Concerning ingratitude, he argued that it is a crime, which lacks observable facts or any set of relation to ideas, but a conflict and a conviction of the mind. It is the feeling of indifference or ill will after being ungrateful. 3. What actions are often considered to lead to moral or immorality? After dismissing morals as products of facts or ideas but mere sets of sentimentalism, it is therefore clear that Hume’s way suggests that human actions are majorly guided by sentiments in as far as morality is concerned. It further asserts that reasons cannot be applied to undertake a moral action because the two (morals and Reasoning) are completely unrelated (White, 31). Contributing to Hume’s concerns on morality and human, James stipulates that “if morality had naturally no influence on human passion and action.” Moreover, he claimed, “it would be in vain to take such pains to inculcate it and nothing would be more fruitless than that multitude of rules and precepts with which moralists abound” (White, 31). He notes that as a practical division, morality is supposed to play an integral role in directing the human passion and action. He reiterates that because of morality the human beings, they are governed by their duties, deterred from certain actions due to the feeling of injustice and compelled to undertake certain actions as matters of obligation. 4. What actions that influences morality Acknowledging that human actions are influenced by their morals, it is infallible to depict reason as the causal subject. These premises justify that human actions are seldom determined by reason but rather sentiments. Morals have a peculiar way of exciting or stimulating human action, which results from doing the action or stopping it. James then states that conclusions cannot be extracted from the rules of morality. In line with Hume’s argument, James also observes that most of the human action and the outcome of such actions are elements of fact or reasons. He used willful murder as an example to establish if there exists a fact in human action. For instance, if the action is examined in all aspects there is no matter of fact or any real existence that may qualify the action as a vice. In response, only motives, passion, volitions and thoughts are present in this aspect (White, 31). In most cases, things ...Show more


Name Institution Date Instructor Humanities Ethics: Questions and Answers 1. What is a moral judgment? David Hume dismissed the argument that moral judgments are products of reasoning. Rather, he observed that either feelings of disapproval or approval (sentiments) played a great part in determining how people made moral judgments (White, 31)…
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Humanities Ethics essay example
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