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Health care in the person religion (Hinduism) Name Institution Name Health care in the person religion (Hinduism) Chitin is a Hindu by religion and Krishne is their God (The destroyer and the creator). According to Chitin, religion is meaningful to him as Krishne is the one responsible for the way of life and so he follows what is said in by Krishne.


For example, Chitin explains that he eats meat while his wife does not eat meat or even eggs. This is clearly explains by the different cultures and religion prevalent in the country. Religion has also shaped him in Karma which clearly defines the kind of work one should follow. In regard to meat eating, Chitin comments that everybody has equal life to live and therefore, no one should kill anybody or any animal as all of them have the right to live. This explains why meat is not eaten by some Hindu groups. When asked about how religion has influenced him, Chitin goes ahead to explain how religion has highly influenced him and his way of life. There is a very big difference when it comes to Hinduism beliefs as this depends on the God followed by each person. The main God is Krishne, but Chitin follows Swami Narayan. However, there are millions and millions of Gods in the Hindu religion. Every person in Hinduism has different things and opinions to say because Hinduism multi-God religion, so every person follows different God (Hollins, 2009). The way of life of each Hindu depends on the God worshipped. ...
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