Biblical Traditions: What evidence do Paul's letters provide for the diversity of early Christianity?

Biblical Traditions: What evidence do Paul
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Name Course Instructor Date Biblical Traditions: Diversity of Early Christianity The introduction of Christian religion to the masses was not done so in an open and carefree manner in the beginning due to the persecution that was faced by the believers of this period in time and thus the teachings and other associations such as practices was often done in secret (Class notes).


One way of identifying these diversities within earlier forms of Christianity is through the letters that the disciple Paul wrote to his followers (Class notes). These letters were based on different topics and were not similar to each other as he addressed each congregation in their own way being well aware in the differences of their needs and the topics that may need to be discussed. Through studying the various letters that Paul sent out to the Christians located in different regions, one is able to establish the various diversities that were in existence within early Christianity and determine how large these differences really were (Class notes). It should be noted however, that despite the various diversities that existed, the main teachings such as the forgiveness of others, Christ as the son of God and other main beliefs remained the same throughout the various regions that Christianity was practiced. The first source from Paul’s letters that indicate the diversity in early Christianity can be seen from the simple factor of location (that is, the regions that Paul sent his letters to). ...
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