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Name Tutor Course College Date Mountain Top Removal and Christianity In the book of Numbers 35:34, God gave humans the instructions that they should not destroy the land they have been given to live in and where the Lord dwells. If the US government had adhered to these instructions, most of the people who are living in the Appalachian region would not have been suffering.


These kings receive many benefits from the mining yet most of them do not live in the region. This is because they know the effects of coal mining to the environment in the area. Current research has shown that mountain top removal has caused serious health impairments to many residents in the Appalachian region. In addition, this mining has made the environment ugly. This activity has caused a lot of destruction: it has degraded ecosystem, driven out communities, caused flooding, and brought about divisions among people. The worst effect of mountain removal is the toxic wastes that it exudes into air and water. These toxic wastes are very harmful to people. Most of the people who live in this region are Christians. They have experienced many health problems due to this coal mining. These Christians have teamed up together to eliminate this menace that have affected their lives for many decades. They are trying to fight this problem with all their strength. However, better ways of reducing the effects of mountain removal on the environment have to be incorporated as quickly as possible, since it is going to destroy the whole environment at large. ...
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