Religious Message Of Steve Jobs’ Biography

Religious Message Of Steve Jobs’ Biography  Essay example
Religion and Theology
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In this paper I will argue that the religious message of Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson is in essence a message of not giving up, and instead learning from one’s mistakes in order to make the world a better place.


This is particularly apparent in the transition that Jobs faced when he was ousted from his own company Apple but carried on to be a founder of Pixar, and took big steps in terms of opening up and being vulnerable to the presence of others in his life, for example, accepting his daughter Lisa. This message present and demonstrated through the idea of redemption because Jobs provides a second chance to many others in his life, and is also given a second chance to improve relationships with people, before he finds out that he has been diagnosed with cancer. Steve Jobs was a great man. The reason why I have chosen Steve Jobs as the reference to this article in terms of underlying a religious message is because Steve Jobs propogated through his practices and his speeches, the importance of doing what we love, the importance of connecting the dots in terms of following the gut feeling, ands lastly the importance to live tastefully. This paper will underline the moral story with respect to living life in the way we believe and without listening to other’s opinions. Steve Jobs also believed in doing great things, and this will be an added part of the moral story which will be discussed in this paper. ...
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