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While all Christians believe in and practice infant baptism, the “Baptists” differ in that they believe that baptism is only legitimate when the person understands religion and becomes a believer of choice and conviction.


This paper answers some relevant questions about misconceptions people and I had about Baptists. Like every person who is not a Baptist, I too had certain misconceptions about Baptists. These misconceptions came about in discussions with practicing Baptists. What I thought was part of their beliefs later turned out to be personal interpretations of the way that they read the Bible and understand their religion. . There is the general belief that the Baptist church condones abortion. However, after a visit to a Baptists church it transpired that they oppose abortion if done only to avoid responsibilities as a parent and as means of birth control. However, they believe that an abortion may be performed to save the mother’s life, or in case that is a forced conception as when a woman is raped. Even if the fetus is deformed and has little chances of leading a normal independent life, an abortion might be carried out to save the child from a life of misery. Generally the Baptists believe in the sanctity of life (Dutch, 2002). ...
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