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Essay example - (SHI'ISM AND SUNNISM) Compare and contrast the authority of the Sunni CALIPH and the Shi'i IMAM in their respective communit

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Religion and Theology
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Module Title: Module ID: Submission date: Shi’ism and Sunnism Introduction: The present paper aims to make a comparative analysis of the concept of succession of the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) according to two major sects of the Islamic faith i.e…

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(632 A.D) in respect of his real successor. The followers of Islam explicitly split after the Battle of Karbala (AP/HUMA 289-90), where Hussain Ben Ali and his companions and family members were brutally martyred, and the House of the Holy Prophet was plundered by the cruel Umayyad ruler yazid. The paper looks for comparing and contrasting the authority acclaimed by the two, which has been constructed in an absolutely different way and maintaining completely divergent approaches in their nature and scope. The Sunni caliphs, according to the Sunni doctrine, are elected by consensus of community called ijma, in the light of which the first caliph Abu Bakr was elected; whereas the Shiite claim that the imams are appointed from Almighty Lord and explicit designation made by his predecessor through the statutes of holy sayings or statements called nass from the House of the Prophet; it is therefore Hazrat Ummey Salma was not included under the mantle, and only the progeny of Ali and Fatima was entitled to be the members of the House of the Holy Prophet (AP/HUMA 297). ...
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