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Religion and Theology
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The New Age Name: Institution: The New Age Question 1 Scientology refers to an applied religion that plays a significant part in both the community and lives of its members. Scientology offers spiritual explanation to its members through religious activities that propel them to advanced states of spiritual understanding and capacity, while offering practical explanations to all components of every day existence.


Like a number of ancient religions of the world, Scientology holds the view that people are placed on earth to establish their own salvation and they can only comprehend the relationship with God by realizing this. The appeal of scientology is in a person’s capacity to solve his own issues (Frost & Frost, 2012). When a person is able to solve his own problem, he is also capable of helping other individuals. It also allows a person to think for himself. Question 2 Both science and religion hold assertions to reality. Religion is made up of faith and belief. Religion claims events are factual because they want them to be, and they decline to alter their notions just because there are a number of infuriating information in the way. In contrast, science incorporates theory and evidence. Science asserts that things are factual because they concur with the proof and theory also gives it support. Additionally, if there is new evidence, the theory is modified, even if it requires giving up prior valued suggestions. In addition, every scientific theory is in principle refutable, and in the end every theory will be negated. In contrast, religion can in principle not be refuted. This does not play a part to its evidence. Moreover, religion cannot be proven (Frost & Frost, 2012). ...
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