The Process of Faith according to Luther

The Process of Faith according to Luther Essay example
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The process of faith according to Luther eventually starts by hearing God’s Word. He emphasizes that when a person hears the Word of God acceptance of God’s promise, trust in Him, and unity with Christ follow. It is at this point that one could confidently use the Word of God.


A person has to hear the Word of God and His promises and apply them. Doing this will develop the kind of faith that Luther would want to consider as the impact of the Gospel of Christ. Luther himself is compelled to believe this strong reliance on the Word of God which has become the ultimate reason of his faith. According to him, “Where the Word of God is missing there is no help at all for the soul” (Luther, Lambert and Grimm 6). This depicts the fact that Luther fully experienced the power of the Word of God that he totally gave up his innermost being by total submission to God’s divine control through His words. Faith comes from outside based on Luther’s discourse because of the fact that the Word of God has to be shared and it is a matter of choice among individuals if they would allow them to enter into their inmost being. This only means that in order for faith to be developed inside of a person, one needs to hear the Word of God first, and come to internalize everything so that there would be acceptance of God’s voice which is going to be internal. The process is that everything should start outside prior to reaching the internal aspect by which faith could totally reveal its powers in the life of a person. ...
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