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Creation vs. Evolution - Essay Example

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His investigation techniques entailed interviewing adept scholars who possessed extensive knowledge on creationism and evolutionism. Strobel outlines his arguments in a systematic way, easy to critic, understand and draw valid conclusions. However, relying solely on the arguments presented in Lee Strobel’s literal pieces limits ones understanding of the creationism vs. evolutionism argument. Therefore, discussed in this paper is a review of the philosophical foundations for both arguments and their impact on people’s understanding of earth’s origin (Moore 203). Arguments for the existence of God surfaced in the era of philosophers who lived in a period where logic and reasoning proved crucial to understanding and explaining the occurrence or existence of different phenomena. Majority of these philosophers’ beliefs, values and moral principles had their basis in religion, which revolved around the premise of the existence of an all-powerful, good God. An overview of the pre-historic philosophers indicates that each group believed in a superior element that had control over the functioning of all other elements. It is presumable that their choice of superior elements such as fire, water, and air functioned as a symbolic reference to a supreme deity that controlled the functioning of other aspects such as sustaining life on earth. Through dogmatic indoctrination, individuals’ beliefs and knowledge concerning their origin and that of the earth centered on God. Moreover, Science was still a relatively new discipline characterized with continuously surfacing schools of thought that advanced different theories in their attempt to explain existing phenomena. As a result, both philosophers and the individuals who relied on their teachings found themselves embracing the creation account detailed in the Bible as an explanation to earth’s and other organism’s origin. Genesis provides a chronological order of the world’s creation by an all-powerful, omniscient being (God). The zeitgeist of the philosophers’ era played a significant role in predisposing individuals to believe in creationism (Ross 166). The previously held presumptions soon changed with the advancement of Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. Darwin asserted that evolution guided the transformation of systems from simple forms to complex forms by undergoing mechanistic processes such as natural selection and mutation (Bowden 115). According to Darwin, the microevolution changes that occur to form complex structures are random and are not pre-designed by a supernatural force. Darwin asserted that these changes result from the innate need to survive, which causes organisms to adapt to their changing environment or risk facing imminent death that might result in the species extinction. Darwin’s evolution theory gained acceptance among many during the scientific era where people resorted to using empirical methods to test hypothesized theories. It is important to note that the scientific era sort to discredit religious explanations with regard to various phenomena (Bowden 116). The scientific era saw people critiquing issues using similar subject matter; for example, the principle of non-contradiction was used to refute the existence of God. The non-contradiction principle states that a statement cannot be true and false at the same time. In relation to the existence of ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Creation vs. Evolution Throughout the years, humans have struggled with finding a single, plausible explanation with regards to earth’s origin creating a rift between proponents of creationism and their opponents who favor evolutionism…
Author : zenalang
Creation vs. Evolution
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