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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Creation vs. Evolution Throughout the years, humans have struggled with finding a single, plausible explanation with regards to earth’s origin creating a rift between proponents of creationism and their opponents who favor evolutionism.


His investigation techniques entailed interviewing adept scholars who possessed extensive knowledge on creationism and evolutionism. Strobel outlines his arguments in a systematic way, easy to critic, understand and draw valid conclusions. However, relying solely on the arguments presented in Lee Strobel’s literal pieces limits ones understanding of the creationism vs. evolutionism argument. Therefore, discussed in this paper is a review of the philosophical foundations for both arguments and their impact on people’s understanding of earth’s origin (Moore 203). Arguments for the existence of God surfaced in the era of philosophers who lived in a period where logic and reasoning proved crucial to understanding and explaining the occurrence or existence of different phenomena. Majority of these philosophers’ beliefs, values and moral principles had their basis in religion, which revolved around the premise of the existence of an all-powerful, good God. An overview of the pre-historic philosophers indicates that each group believed in a superior element that had control over the functioning of all other elements. ...
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