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Cultural Event Report - Research Paper Example


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Cultural Event Report

The museum occupies more than one floor in the building with dozens of exhibits being in view and even future plans to bring more exhibits to the museum this year. This is the only exceptional math museum in the country and the second museum in the country. In the museum, there is coaster roller contraptions which contains a track used to glide across diameters of circles to fit wooden blocks. There was a collection of graders which were tinkered with the architectural toys in the museum and a couple of plastic disks with beautiful patterns. I walked all over and found a colorful attraction called the harmony of sphered which I was explained on by Whitney. This contained different ball which each of them represented musical traids and the touch of hands the play and glow respectively to their chords. He told me that it was the minor and major traid which had a calculated and a slow tap on them. When we were going round the museum a huge crowd of students came in towards us and soon went into an experimental practice. This also showed me the important role that the math museum played in the education sector despite it being a unique museum around the world. This tour in the museum was full of mathematical insights and principles which were behind the numerous and interactive exhibits and this was referred to as the conic section. Before the establishment of this museum, Whitney had gone for several mathematical tours in the New York City. When he was still taking me on a tour inside the

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museum, it came to my attention that the number of visitors in the museum was increasing and they were all listening to his comments keenly. This exhibits had a touch and fell arrays of mathematical impression capturing the attention of every visitor in the museum. The illustrations on the exhibits made it easier for visitors to understand and hence little or no explanation was needed. The museum had large rooms which were lined with screens which corresponded to the scattered displays which had a brief explanation on them expressing the mathematical idea behind them. However, these illustrations only provided a brief explanation and certainly not a comprehensive explanation and mathematical concepts. It was hard to criticize this museum since it exceeded my expectation as a visitor in unique mathematics in the beginning. On the second floor, I saw the ring of the graders which were gathered like a turning bike in the centers of the museum which elated my anticipation of a reserved museum park. In this museum I came to learn that mathematics is much practical than we may think of. Consequently a mathematical museum can be as interesting as other historical museum. It was a unique venture and it gave me the exposure of a lot of ideas. In my conclusion I learned a lot of new ideas and so how creativity existed among the people in the community and learnt that even the issues and minor things that people may ignore can make up history. It was to my surprise that a mathematical museum can occupy a lot of space and have numerous exhibits. This was a learning adventure and in the future I will look forward to being creative like Glen Whitney. References Falk, J. H., & Dierking, L. D. (1992). The museum experience. Washington, D.C.: Whalesback


Cultural event report Name Date A visit to the math museum In every aspect of life, people always have different opinions over different things, in this context there are a group of people who believes in the identification of themselves as math’s people while others do not identify themselves…
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Cultural Event Report essay example
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