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Today, there is a political or sexist power struggle in the church on the place of women in the ministry. The Bible provides contradicting teachings on the place of women in the church. This paper will seek to explore the different teachings in the bible on the place of women in church.


It will also elaborate the challenges faced by women leader in the church as well as identify the different women serving in the ministry today.

2. Introduction
There has been continued controversy concerning the role of women in the ministry. This has been created by the Biblical teachings on the place of the woman in the church. In the Scriptures of Paul to the Corinth church, women were expected to be silent and submissive to their husbands. However, in other Scriptures, women take an active role in the activities of the church. This conflict on the role of women has created an ongoing debate on the subject of women as leaders in the church. Many churches deny women the opportunity to take up an active role in the church while others only permits them to undertake specific positions.

3.1 Positions in the Role of Women
3.1.1 Resistance of Women in the Ministry
The values and beliefs of the society are continuously evolving. This has been attributed to the globalization of the society which contributes to the exchange of culture and believes. The role of women in the society has continuously changed, especially in the Western World. Women in the society are fighting for equality in terms of job opportunities, duties and positions in the society. Currently, women in the western world are allowed to hold both social and political offices in the society. ...
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