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Name Course Instructor Date Post modern preaching Just like any other factor in the society, preaching and the spread gospel has evolved through the modern emerging trends in communication and social circles. The development in spreading the gospel is based on the fact the audience of the message in under transformation too.


In words by Allen religion significance has declined over the years (78). The author further argues that this is attributed to the fact that preachers and religious institutions have lost touch with the modern generation. Most preachers still use the old ways of passing the message to the audience. As much as these methods are pure and original, their impact in the modern society has been diminished. The modern society needs something that connects with them with the current emerging trends- a message that may help them go through modern society challenges. This is one factor that preachers have failed to achieve in preaching. This has made most religious institution lose touch with the society. According to Allen just like we embrace technology and globalization in our societies, preachers should embrace the use of the same in delivering sermons (29). However, many religious practices have been able to adjust to these changes and still hold much significance in the society. They are referred to the igeneration preachers. They believe in preaching the word in the most appropriate way in the perspective of their audience. This includes use of modern tools and instruments, applying of global trending society topics and accepting the fact that exposure level of the modern spiritual is deep and the approach should be the same. ...
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