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A look into this concept of ‘servant’ reveals in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament that the servant was called the Servant of the Lord or the Servant of Yahweh. The issues addressed in this book relate directly to the Servant and the person was willing to serve the Lord. The interpretations by early Christian’s is below. Isaiah 42:1-4 talks of the Servant as the chosen often endowed with Yahweh spirit to bring forth judgment to the nations. The Servant will work quietly and unobtrusively until justice is accomplished without failure or discouragement. In Isaiah 49:1-6, the Servant talks of having been prepared by God and ready for the mission to the distant people. The Servant is recognized as Israel in whom God will be glorified. The duty of the Servant in this case is to restore Israel and be a light to the surrounding nations. Isaiah 50: 4-9 though does not mention the word ‘servant’ but, implies the state of servant hood. Yahweh wakens him every morning to hear from Him. Isaiah 52:-53:12 implies the suffering servant who is disfigured and despised, and stricken by God. The servant is laid in a felon’s grave. 2. This book of Jonah talks about Jonah’s reaction to the prophetic call. Early Christians took this book as a personal writing by Jonah himself. They consider the book a midrash and not a historical narrative. They interpreted it this way because Jonah seems to be talking the events as they occur and not something historical. The book is quite unique among the prophetic books as it is not a collection of oracles at all. To early Christians, this book aided them in spreading the essence of true miracles as performed by God. 3. In Genesis 22, Abraham is seen binding his son Isaac for sacrifice. Though the Angel of God prevents him to, his faith in God is surely affirmed. To early Christians, this was a clear indication pointing towards the sacrificial body of Jesus Christ who was to be nailed on the cross for the redemption of man. Of particular interest is the use of the lamb in place of Isaac which is taken as Jesus Christ in place of us. Further, they interpret that the faith Abraham had in God was definitely able to raise Isaac from the death had he sacrificed him. Consequently, Abraham’s willingness to give out his only son is an indication of the sacrifice God made through His Son Jesus Christ who died to save us. The Early Christians also believed that Abraham went to Mt. Moriah where he bound Isaac and this same Mount is where Jesus Christ was bound and crucified i.e. at Calvary. 4. First, the beginnings are distinctive. The gospels of Mathew and Luke begin their accounts with the story of Jesus’ birth while Mark begins the story of Jesus with the ministry of John the Baptist. The Gospel of John is the most unique as it talks of the Trinity presence at the beginning of creation with everything having been created through the word which is Jesus Christ. Secondly, in the Gospels by Mathew, Mark and Luke, the teachings of Jesus are highlighted through the preaching of the Kingdom of God while in the Gospel of John, the message is mainly presented in terms of eternal life and resurrection. Thirdly, the Gospel of John presents the teaching of Jesus in long conversations while in the other ones the teachings are usually found in parable forms. A more outstanding feature is that the first three gospels of ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Questions essay 1. The Servant Songs refer to the group of texts found in the biblical book of Isaiah and has passages centering upon the Servant of the Lord. The Book of Isaiah is one of the prophetic books categorized as major books in the Bible and is the first of the Latter Prophets and has 66 chapters…
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Questions essay essay example
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