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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Exam 1. Servant Songs refer to a group of six textual groupings which can be found in the book of Isaiah between Chapters 42 to Chapter 53. The Servant Songs, or alternatively Servant Poems, discuss the servant who is called by God to lead the nations; however, is horrendously abused by the very people that he has been called to minister to.


2. Rather than engaging with the story of Jonah in the literal sense, early Christians, as exhibited in the New Testament books of Matthew and Luke, understood the story of Jonah to be typological. In this way, Jonah represented a type of “Christ” which was in the belly of the whale for a period of 3 days just as Christ was in the belly of the earth, the grave, for a total period of 3 days time. A further identification with the story of Jonah is the way in which Christ himself compared his earthly ministry and the generation he witnessed to as similar to that of the inhabitants of Nineveh. This typification was carried out in a number of ways and was a means whereby the early Christians were able to coalesce the story of the Messiah with the Old Testament typifications that are so prevalent throughout Judaism. 3. With regards to the means by which early Christians interpreted the story of Isaac and Abraham in the Old Testament, this too was similar to the typification that has been briefly discussed in question 2 with relation to the early Christian interpretation of Jonah. ...
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