Outline and differentiate the covenants that God made with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David.

Outline and differentiate the covenants that God made with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. Research Paper example
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Outline and Differentiate the covenants that God made with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David In all the covenants, God chooses a community and/or individuals to fulfill his word. He chooses then people responds to his choice by obeying the covenant. For example, in the Mosaic covenant, the people were to keep themselves holy by maintaining cleanliness and abstaining from sexual encounters.


He was also to trust in God for the providence of a sacrifice, of which He provided the ram. Abraham was also to believe in the promises God had made to him concerning becoming a father of great nations. When asked to sacrifice his son, he was to believe that God would provide the sacrificial lamb on the day of the covenant. Noah on the other hand, had to believe and trust that God would keep His word, when he said that he would protect him and his family from the flood. He believed in God and sealed a covenant with him in that God would not punish humankind anymore with rain and floods. In this case, Noah, his family and the animals were the chosen community for the covenant. David’s promises were in two parts, whereby, Part 1 was fulfilled before David’s death, while part two had a later fulfillment. Section one of the first promises to be fulfilled before David died was; "I have been with you where ever you have been and I have cut off all your enemies from before you. Now I will make your name great like the names of the greatest men of the earth." (Verse: 9). Looking at 2nd. Samuel 8; 13, we can see that King David did have a great name among the nations. Therefore, this promise of God came true. Noah was promised that he and his seed was to be blessed. ...
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