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Name: Instructor: Course: Tutor: Date: Topic 3: “The church is one aspect of what Christians understand to be the work of Jesus. Describe what Christians believe about the church and show in what way this belief leads to a view of how humans ought to live together in community.” The Church’s Role in the Society To many people a church is a building where Christians gather to worship and to others it is a group of Christians who are gathered for religious purposes.


Thus can be taken to be the principal reason of existence for the church but there are other reasons for its existence. A church is a place where people in the community meet a few times in a week in order to be taught morals and tactics of living peacefully with each other. The church exists in all communities and there is nowhere in the 160 sovereign nations existing today that does not have one. Each and every community honouring the basic human rights retains a big role for the church. For instance, in countries where it is marred with racism, then the church plays a key role in ensuring that the people live together in peace and harmony. If there are any disagreements, then the church ensure that it solves the issue and come up with a long lasting solution. Mostly the clergy are notified of the issue and they call them for consultation (MRM, n.pag). Therefore the church plays a major role of uniting people and ensuring that the community has peace. The clergy men act like Jesus when he took the human flesh and came to live among us. ...
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