To what should I dedicate myself?

To what should I dedicate myself? Essay example
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Vocational calling: A Youthful Account Name: Institution: Vocational calling: A Youthful Account Those entering the American labor market will tell you of different experiences and resultant outcomes with regard to their job searching ventures. The earlier times of our parents and ancestry, are different from contemporary society where the American economy has been influenced and hence shaped by trends and the resultant employment patterns, which support it.


During young adulthood, the presence of uncertainty is seen is best espoused in terms of work issues and the relevant interpersonal commitments. A majority of youth often postpone on making decisive life choices, instead opting for the future to unveil itself. With both mobility and flexibility in one’s youthful life, persons can devote themselves to greater causes, whose importance and scope is globally impacting (Wuthnow, 2006). In relation to gender dimensions as pertaining to employment opportunities, Addams’ Filial Relations (1902) espouses a need for conscious positive roles of women in articulating their political and social attitudes, outside their more traditional roles familial roles and interests. Thus aside from participation in a legal entity’s political sphere, she was of the view that women are entitled to both economic and social independence (democracy). Thus, as work and vocation may not be entailing the same sphere of activity or profession, ‘work’ refers to the professional activity which may involve one’s utility of both physical and mental effort to achieve a result, purpose or goal. ...
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