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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Media response paper In his book, Introduction to covering Islam, Edward Said asserts that the media is the most powerful tool on earth since it influences how people relate to one another. He, therefore, postulates that those with the ability to control the media content are the most powerful people on earth.


Human behavior is the integral aspect of life since it regulates social interaction with others and determines his or her belief thereby making one unique from another. In relation to the mass media effects, there is the fact that mass media creates public opinion. Mass media perform a number of function key among which is agenda setting. Under this, a trending topic in the mass media immediately becomes a topical issue on every street. Additionally, the media has the ability to influence the opinion of its audience on the topical issues in the public domain. This makes the media the most powerful tool for spreading propaganda thereby intensifying the societal animosities. In his article, Said believes the Western media misrepresent Islam and Muslims. He also postulates that the media has established regulators who determine the media content and the western media has highly opinionated regulators who negate the faith through the spread of propaganda and hate media content. This has succeeded in developing a universal negative opinion against both the Islamic faith and Islamic countries (Said 42). He finds a way of arguing his facts but then he also has to understand that a book is particularly one of the most effective media and the ideas in his book. ...
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