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Compare the concept of Adam and Eve and the original sin in Christianity and Judaism - Research Paper Example

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Compare the concept of Adam and Eve and the original sin in Christianity and Judaism

( Penny Catechism, Article15, undated) The same document went on to say that:- All mankind has contracted the guilt and stain of original sin, except the Blessed Virgin and her Divine Son, through whose foreseen merits she was conceived without the least guilt or stain of original sin.( Penny Catechism , Article 117, undated) ) . There are two accounts of creation recorded in Genesis. These represent two strands of a very old story based upon long standing oral traditions. These have become the creations myths of both Christianity and the Judaism in which they had their founding. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are described in Judaism as the Pentateuch, and these five books are traditionally said to be the work of Moses. His is death is however actually recorded in Deuteronomy 33, and it is generally considered that a number of different strands wrote theses books in the form we now have them in the 6th or 7th century B.C.E., round about the time of King Solomon . In Genesis Chapter One man is created and in Genesis Chapter Two the creation of Adam is described in more detail. He is made from the earth or clay. The word for ‘formed’ is one which would be used to describe how a potter creates a pot form clay ( Genesis 2 v 7, commentary, Bible New International Version, 2008). The word Adam is linked to the Hebrew word ‘Adamah’ which mean red and it is suggested that this means he was created from red clay ( Mandel 2013) . The story describes how God bought each animal to Adam, who gave then their names. He could not find a suitable helper among them. In Genesis 2 v 18 God says :- It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. Genesis 2 v 21, 22 describe the creation of Adam. She is made form part of Adam. Eve is called in Hebrew ‘Haya’ which means ‘live ‘ or ‘to live (Meaning and etymology of the name Eve, undated) . In Genesis 3 v 20 it states :- Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. In one version the two appear to be created simultaneously, but in the second version she come later. By the time both stories were written down each would have carried its own authority and could not be discarded. Living in the Garden of Eden with her husband, Eve is approached and then tempted by the serpent. She yields to the temptation offered and eats the forbidden fruit, as well as some to her husband. After this it as if they have woken up, as become aware of their nakedness and make themselves clothes. Later ( Genesis 3 v 12) Adam puts the blame on Eve. As a result God tells Eve that she will have pain in childbirth and will become subject to her husband ( Genesis 3 v 16. It is often interpreted that only Eve who is admonished, but in Genesis 3 v 17ff Adam, too is told what will happen to him as the result of his disobedience. According to Jewish teaching Eve was not created at the same time as Adam because God knew that she would become a reason for complaint ( Eve, Jewish Encyclopedia ,1906). These is also a tradition of another help meet being created before Eve , Lilith , but she goes her own way and refuses to be the wife of Adam ( Hampshire County Council, undated) . According to another Jewish rabbinic tradition Eve was tempted first, as women were more likely to give in than men. Despite Eve’ ...Show more


Compare the concept of Adam and Eve and the "original sin" in Christianity and Judaism The early chapters of Genesis, including the story of the creation and of Adam and Eve, were written to give an account of primeval history, and are usually considered as mythological explanation of Jewish belief…
Author : larkinleonard
Compare the concept of Adam and Eve and the original sin in Christianity and Judaism essay example
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