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However, he expressed his commitment to adhere to a past moral code that he admired. He became an ardent teacher of sayings that defined Confucianism. Although none of the primary inscription of the master has existed until today, his followers compiled some of his sayings, and such compilations have been preserved. This paper will consider one of those sayings that have been accorded the name ‘Analects’. These Analects had their basis on the Chinese culture. Kong constructed moral principles that supported the values and virtues that the Chinese culture had emphasized. Master Kong believed that human beings had the potential of making themselves better, people who adhered to a higher set of moral values. One of the moral principles that he set out was coded as 4.3 and stated that ‘only one who is good can be able to truly love others or despise others’ (Confucius & Slingerland, 2006). This utterance of the master emphasized on the significance of ‘goodness’. Master Kong made reference to three critical terms namely ‘li’, ‘ren’, and ‘de’. The word ‘de’ denoted power, while ‘li’ denoted tradition. Ren referred to goodness. Since this principle had a philosophical basis, deciphering its meaning was very critical to its application (Yu, 2009). Philosopher Kong sought to emphasize on the significance of acquiring the value of goodness. ...Show more


Analect of Goodness Name Institution Course Analect of Goodness Religious studies reveal that china adhered to Confucianism in the 6th century. This religious group had its basis on the teachings and texts of Master Kong, who held the title of ‘Confucius’…
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