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Progressive Islam seeks to make Islamic religion more accommodative to all. Every religion has its roots and Islam is not an exception. Islam came about from a society that had its traditions, its geography, and history.


Any change in Islamic region has often been resisted because it was seen as bringing about western values into the religion. However, with globalization there is need for inter-religious interaction. This necessitates for religions being more accommodative to other religions. This is why many organizations have come about to bring about progress in Islam. This is aimed at making the religion more flexible and only to be based on Islam values and not on strict and rigid rules. This paper discusses the progressive Islam and the environment in which it operates. It is first important to look at the history of Islam in order to discover the need for progressive Islam. By the end of the section you will discover that Islam in itself was not such a strict and rigid religion. The pre-Islamic Arab society was made up of unbelievers. There was need for change at social and political and moral and spiritual level. The need for change at moral and spiritual level met greater resistance than need for change at social and political level. This is because the Meccan Society was spiritually and morally stagnant. ...
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