the septuagint and it's origins

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THE SEPTUAGINT AND ITS ORIGIN Name Course Date The Septuagint and its Origin What are the differences between the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint? What is the Septuagint? The earliest and oldest version of the Old Testament Bible that is in existence and contains any certain information is the translation carried out in Alexandria before the beginning of the Christian era in the 3rd century.


It is significant to note that the Septuagint had its emergence or origin in Alexandria (Hengel 25-27). In addition, it was broadly utilized among the Hellenistic Jews. The Greek translation was conducted because many Jews in the empire started to lose their original Hebrew language. The Letter of Aristeas started that about 72 Jews writers were mandated during the rule of Ptolemy Philadelphus to conduct the work of translation. Therefore, the word Septuagint refers to seventy in Latin Language and the scripture is called so to acknowledge the 72 Jews scholars. It is difficult to tell the exact century and place in which the translation was done but renowned Jews scholars such as Aristobulus who lived in the 2nd century asserted that the description of the policy or law into Greek was finished during the rule of Ptolemy Philadelphus. Due to this, it has been acknowledged that the translation commenced during this time. ...
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