Religion and Theology
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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Religion and Theology How does a person know whether or not the books of the biblical canon are authoritative? Give evidence that bolsters the “authority” of the Bible for the Christian. There are several ways in verifying the authority of a biblical canon.


the Apocrypha books that are Dragon, Wisdom of Solomon, Maccabees, Tobit bells and Esdras. Nonetheless, no religious group of church provided any valid reason for its congregation or followers to doubt the authority of the sixty-six books of the bible. A person can verify the authority of the biblical canons using internal protocols of authorization. A good example of this is Isaiah's prophecy found in Isaiah 8:16, which talks about how the Messiah would bind testimonies and seal the laws and teachings of the bible among His disciples. The proof of this is in the New Testament where the founders of the early church believed this prophecy would bind them to their death. Further authorization of biblical canons comes from the persons who wrote the books. For example, history proves that Peter started the process of canonization very early in the church history. Therefore, all his books in the bible have authority, e.g. his epistles and the fourth gospel in the bible, Mark, which he personally directed. In conclusion, authorship of the books of the bible is another best way of determining the authoritative nature of biblical canons. This leaves questionable doubts on books without direct authorship such as Jude, James, and the gospel according to Matthew. ...
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