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Traditions And Life Choices: A Personal Inquiry Name University I am from Saudi Arabia and an international student living in America and I have also lived in England. I am a Muslim, still close to my traditions, but I allow myself to pick up and learn from other traditions in the world that make sense to me and improve me socially, personally and spiritually.


I have also picked up many traditions from all over the world and refused many because they do not go along with my religion or culture. For example, just like the Minnesota University student, Walter Hanson, the protagonist in the short story, The Undeclared Major, written by Will Weaver (2006), I have also learned to shake hands with people when we meet them, from the Euro-American tradition that I assimilated when I lived in England (p.364). In my native place, people embrace each other or just smile when we meet each other. I am experiencing the state of mind of Walter Hanson not only with respect to such simple things, but also by having a concern about how much my family and people will understand me as I continue to grow accepting new traditions from new cultures. Hence, when I am back in Saudi Arabia, I shift back to embracing people and smiling at them and never try to shake hands with them. At home, I try to behave as close as possible to how a Saudi youth of my age would behave so that I do not alienate my family members, friends and acquaintances. When I am back in America, I leave behind those culture-specific behavioral aspects and shift myself into a set of behaviors that is expected of me as an American Muslim. ...
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