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Since the ages when men lived their lives as cave people, they believed in God. The movement of heavenly bodies, the starts, the sun the moon, the meteoroids, eclipses, burning of fire, thunder and lightning were all inexplicable to them.


They found their own way of explaining- that some supernatural force is acting on them and they called it “God”. The belief was nothing but their fear of the unknown, the dark and uncertainty. This belief s continued till date. With gradual passage of time, people differed in opinions, resulting in birth of different religions, thereby giving rise to the norms of rituals and sacrifice (Roehlkepartain, 202). Not many of us can answer properly what God actually means to them. The definition of God has widely varied across the globe from time to time. Regardless of nationality, religion and race, perhaps the greatest debate is whether God exists or not. It has been found out that some people believe in existence of God, they cannot identify Him. Some can identify God in differ forms, deities or elements but cannot find it difficult to relate or believe. While some others totally disbelieve in plurality of God, some people deny the total existence of “God”. To them, it is some supreme force that has created the universe and as the source of life in it (Remos 33-34). A further division of views can be made between people who do and do not believe that God transcends and present among worldly beings (Remos 34). ...
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