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Role Model Name: Institution: Eleanor Roosevelt talks about money and career, sexuality and social issues, in a more understandable manner, for a role model. For instance, she uses her sexuality, as a bisexual, to explain social issues. The rise of fascism was a significant milestone, in the social issues, which were complex stories.


In this context, I disagree with Roosevelt’s point of view because I do not support a fascist state, which is radical authoritarian. The beginning of American fascism story can be drawn with the start of the worldview and experience we have as individuals in deduction of the civil war and the start of rebuilding. Throughout Roosevelt’s lifetime, as the first lady, she was a strong supporter of civil rights movements of both of social reforms to uplift the poor equal rights for women (Beasley et al. 2001). Therefore, she believed that a nation could only be unified through totalitarian government that encourages mass mobilization, which supports fascist principles (Beasley et al. 2001). As a liberalist, I refute Roosevelt’s stance on this matter because fascist movements are hostile to socialism, communism and liberal democracy. Roosevelt’s talks about money and career were influenced by her family’s financial status. She was brought up in a wealthy family implying that she liked earning a lot of money, which she often spend little on her and a lot on self-help groups and charity organizations (Abun-Nasr, 2007). ...
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