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Mahatma Gandhi Worldview

This paper, therefore, compares and contrasts Gandhi’s worldview about the nature of God, social issues and family with my own experience and worldview in the same. Gandhi became a role model to many people through his faith, in truth and justice, for all humankind. His faith, in religion, made him love those who opposed his ideals to bring about peace with non-violence (Damm, January 2011). His teachings on religion were transparent as most of it can be attested to those of the Bible despite his focusing on meekness and humility, which is rather a rare case for any society. Gandhi emphasize on making peace” an eye for an eye would cost us all our eyes” as he stated (Damm, January 2011), but through my worldview, I feel that conflict is brought about by self-interest, proving the point that there exist no ideal human society where everyone thinks and acts the same level for each other. According to Gandhi, people should take the responsibility to care about the poor, and not refuse to take part, in oppressive practices, but also to fight domination whenever we see it (Damm, January 2011). Gandhi was a moral path of action since he believed in national independence, political and economic freedom of individuals and self-rule. ...
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Mahatma Gandhi Worldview Name: Institution: According to Gandhi, autonomy, in the late modern world, explores his notion of autonomy expressed in social issues of Hind Swaraj (Fischer, 1993). He understands that the modern world and civilization focus on confronting the body at the expense of the soul of an individual (Fischer, 1993)…
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