An Exegesis of Luke 7:36-50  Essay example
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The story documented in Luke 7:36-8:3 is arguably one of the commonest gospel stories today. Maybe the popularity of the story could be based on the fact that the story is recorded by all the four gospels.


Even though Mathew, Mark and John also record this incident, the account of Luke is very distinctive. The first main difference with Luke’s account is that he has placed it very early in the gospel thereby detaching the story from the passion of the Christ. 2 3 Luke seems to be interested in using the story to portray Jesus as the one that had great empathy and compassion for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.4 5 Another important fact is the setting of Luke’s account. The story is set in the house of a Jewish leader, Pharisee. Pharisee is an ardent observer of the Jewish customs - as was required of his office - but he had a soft spot for Jesus and that is why he invited him for a meal at his house.6 As one reads the final parts of the story, it becomes apparent that the banquet was a big event since there were quite a number of guests present. It might be unclear what kind of dinners guests reclined at but Jesus was obviously reclining at this one and it can also be seen as a social dinner.7 Reclining was a seating arrangement where each guest would have a cushion to lean on and then there would be a table in the middle that had the food. The guests sat in such a manner that the heads were facing the table that had the food while their feet were away from the circle. ...
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