the new testament and influences on homosexuality

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The New Testament and its influence on Homosexuality Introduction Homosexuality is a concept that can raise many mixed thoughts in our mind at its initial perception. Even though it is a reality, acceptance and acknowledgement of this sexual orientation of people is still is constrained.


Homosexuality is a most debated concept and has stirred many controversies among religious leaders, politicians, medical experts and social activists. Homosexuals like gays and lesbians are consistently viewed as extra – terrestrial and out of the world beings by many. The religious sacred book of Christians, which is Bible, is vaguely expressed it views regarding homosexuality and homosexuals. For the very same reasons, many Christians has conservative view about homosexuality. More specifically, since olden times, homosexuality was a tabooed sexual practice and changing its perception among people has been a extraneous task. 1“It is often stated that, Jesus never commented about homosexuality. A case can be made that he refers to gays in this verse. On the surface, the verse seems to condemn individuals who treat others with contempt and call them names”. The interpretation and views of New Testament of Bible and Jesus is of great concern in detailing this paper. 1.Robinson, . "Homosexual passages from the Christian Scriptures." Religious Tolerance. Accessed April 7, 2013. http://www.religio The View of New Testament on Homosexuality The Bible is a religious scripture and is the foundation for Christianity around the world. ...
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