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How do I interpret and deal with life's challenges - Essay Example


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How do I interpret and deal with life's challenges

For some time, I chose to respond as such and though it took in effect, I could not help feeling empty still. Then I figured that it was mostly brought by the absence of fulfillment each time I preferred not to confront my crisis or each painful truth of the moment that, if acknowledged, could have taught a useful lesson toward personal growth. At this stage, I recall the courage of Ballou, a young soldier who was caught in the dilemma of deciding between his love for family and his love for country yet he went after the choice that would serve a greater cause (Anne, 2008). Whatever troubles that come my path now, hence, I would simply lift a prayer to God and ask for courage that I may overcome the fear of facing them or riding a wave of change. 2) In your view, are such times of suffering, loss, etc. a judgment or punishment for our own actions as suggested by some belief or religious traditions? By personal experience as a Muslim, God allows his children to have times of suffering to deal with in life as a test of faith and a means of purification from wrongdoings or iniquities of the past. Rather than hardcore judgment or punishment, every time we suffer or lose something, we may view such incident as an opportunity given by God for us to improve on doing good deeds that are pleasing after His sight and are capable of strengthening our spirituality and personal relationship with Him. So, once we become pure again after having struggled our way out of sins committed due to weakness of

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human nature, we become confident that our transformed selves would have more to give or conduct by virtue of faith and righteousness that reflects through our thoughts and actions. 3) Is God involved in determining who suffers? If so, how? If not, what is God’s involvement in our challenges and sufferings? Yes, God is involved in determining who suffers. Though we are unable to comprehend how God exactly manages to work his wonders in our lives, we are certain that His ways are mysterious. I believe that God truly loves us unconditionally especially those to whom He designates ill fate or misery for God desires that they be cleansed thoroughly of all evil and return to Him worthy of blessings and genuine happiness. Apparently, suffering is God’s way of drawing his creation near Him and the warmth of His love so if a man suffers, such man is led to a special enlightenment or wisdom where an understanding of God spontaneously comes to him. By gradually being conscious of the presence of the divine entity during hardships, men are able to recognize the overwhelming power and kindness of God as well as the fruits that could be reaped at the end of suffering. The life of Job concretely attests to this as a man who, according to the Holy Bible, had been righteous all his life and whose faith in God never failed, expressing “If I have walked with falsehood or my foot has hurried after deceit—let God weigh me in honest scales and he will know that I am blameless--” (New International Version, Job 31. 5 – 6). 4) Does forgiveness have a place in responding to life’s adversities, especially the wrongs done to us? It does. In my case, I realize that the more I give thought and understanding to the shortfall of others, whether big or small, the more that I feel


Interpreting and Dealing with Life’s Challenges Complete Name College / University Subject Professor 1) How did you respond to a loss, a personal challenge or a period of difficulty or suffering in your life? Prior to my full knowledge of God, I must confess that it used to be extremely hard to cope with a period of difficulty particularly since, back then, I often felt bitter inside, insecure, and very much lacking of inner peace…
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How do I interpret and deal with lifes challenges essay example
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