How do I interpret and deal with life's challenges?

How do I interpret and deal with life
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Interpreting and Dealing with Life’s Challenges Complete Name College / University Subject Professor Date of Submission 1) How did you respond to a loss, a personal challenge or a period of difficulty or suffering in your life? Prior to my full knowledge of God, I must confess that it used to be extremely hard to cope with a period of difficulty particularly since, back then, I often felt bitter inside, insecure, and very much lacking of inner peace.


For some time, I chose to respond as such and though it took in effect, I could not help feeling empty still. Then I figured that it was mostly brought by the absence of fulfillment each time I preferred not to confront my crisis or each painful truth of the moment that, if acknowledged, could have taught a useful lesson toward personal growth. At this stage, I recall the courage of Ballou, a young soldier who was caught in the dilemma of deciding between his love for family and his love for country yet he went after the choice that would serve a greater cause (Anne, 2008). Whatever troubles that come my path now, hence, I would simply lift a prayer to God and ask for courage that I may overcome the fear of facing them or riding a wave of change. 2) In your view, are such times of suffering, loss, etc. a judgment or punishment for our own actions as suggested by some belief or religious traditions? By personal experience as a Muslim, God allows his children to have times of suffering to deal with in life as a test of faith and a means of purification from wrongdoings or iniquities of the past. ...
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