Women’s Position in Various Periods

Women’s Position in Various Periods Essay example
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Women’s Position in Pre-Islamic Arabia Before the adoption of Islam in Arabia, it is widely believed that the region had adopted a high level of diversity. This was evident through the presence of different communities in Arabia


These different communities had different cultures, including languages, lifestyles, and beliefs and values, among others. Therefore, each group possessed a distinct belief system, which comprise of social norms as well. Due to the high level of diversity in pre-Islamic Arabia, there was a great discrepancy in women’s rights across the different communities in Arabia during this period (Muslim Women’s League Web). Since the pre-Islamic Arabia was highly diverse, this influenced the role of women and their position in society. Before Islam, the core unit of the society in Arab was the tribe. Each tribe consisted of a clan, which further comprised of ‘hayy’ members, similar to today’s family members. Members of a tribe were related by blood, and headed by a chief, who also was charged with settling conflicts in the tribe. It is believed that most tribes bore feminine names, showing that the pre-Islamic Arabia was probably a matriarchal society (Muslim Women’s League Web). Diversity in pre-Islamic Arab led to different laws and customs among the people, depending on their communities. Therefore, it might be impossible to explain the position of women during this time using a single account. Different indications have pointed to the fact that women during this period were highly influential and allowed higher leadership positions in society. ...
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