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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Lesson I Paul: Background and Cultural Surroundings Introduction Paul introduced his background to his followers by indicating his birthplace as Tarsus where he under the care of Gamiel. He was among the Jews living in Diaspora during the reign of Roman kingdom1.


Paul was a first class conservative Jew that valued his Jewishness to the fullest degree. He started early as a five years old boy in his journey to be a Rabbi one day. II. Paul was a Diaspora Jew Paul had two names: Saul and Paul Scholars have attempted to describe how Saul became Paul. The description offers information about the early life that Saul led. Although Saul was born in Tarsus, he practiced the Jewish cultural beliefs as described in his activities in Jerusalem. Scholars have pointed two accounts, which make Paul’s references as a Diaspora view valid. First, he was born in Tarsus and later went to Jerusalem where learnt living in the Jews communities. Second, after his conversion from Saul to Paul, he spent his time teaching the Gentiles. Paul used his letters and the book of Acts to explain the change of name from Saul to Paul. The account offers two different pictures of Paul i.e. the persecutor and the apostle. Paul was a Roman Citizen The book of Acts describes the citizenship of Paul as Roman. Some scholars have argued that Paul probably inherited Roman citizenship from his ancestors2. Jewish were taken captive during upheavals that brought Pompey to Syria. In that upheaval, many Jewish became captives, this explain why Jews were living in Diaspora. Paul acquired the Greek medium education, which was significant in his life as an apostle. ...
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