Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the Origins of Mormonism - Research Paper Example

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Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the Origins of Mormonism

Currently, the religious group of Mormons has expanded to a greater extent and known as the Church of the Jesus Christ of the Latter- day Saints with its thirteen million members. Out of these thirteen million members of this group, more than half are outside the US territory. Beside the group the Latter- day Saints, another smaller group which is known as Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints (RLDS) has membership of 250,000 members in more than fifty countries. The headquarter of the Church of the Jesus Christ of the Latter- day Saints is situated in the Salt Lake City and directing a worldwide movement- a strong missionary force composing of fifty thousand members both male and female. The Mormons use to wear their special conservative dresses and can be identified easily. Although Mormonism supports the original traditions of Christianity and works out for the restoration of ancient Christian’s faith, it also holds a wide range of distinctive practices and doctrines. Beside its faith on various practices and doctrines, Mormons have also strong beliefs on holy writ and holy books. As far as the origin of Mormonism is concerned, there are several links and set of various associations and stories related to the originator of Mormonism- Joseph Smith. The most widely distributed concept about Smith is that he maintained a claim that the angels directed him towards gold plates. ...Show more


Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the Origins of Mormonism Introduction Among all the impositions by God in the earthly world like flesh and physical environment, none is more dreaded than the ones that some in the hands of religion and sanctity (E. D. Howe, 1)…
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